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Dan Herschlein (b. 1989, Bayville, NY) lives and works in Los Angeles. They received their BFA from New York University in 2010. 


Solo exhibitions include The Long-Fingered Hand, Matthew Brown, Los Angeles (2023); Crickets in the City of Spare Parts, Matthew Brown, Los Angeles (2021); Dweller, JTT, New York (2020); Plot Hole, Matthew Brown, Los Angeles (2019); Night Pictures, JTT, New York (2019); The Architect, New Museum, New York (2018); Safe As Houses, JTT, New York (2017); The Stillness of Eddies, 56 Henry, New York (2016); Worm, AALA, Los Angeles (2016).


Selected group exhibitions include Manic Pixie Nightmare Drawings, Adler Beatty, New York,  (2024); Flesh & Flowers: Made in America, No Name, Paris (2023); Made in LA 2023: Acts of Living, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles (2023); Papertrail, Matthew Brown, Los Angeles (2023); Evening Shadow, Make Room, Los Angeles (2023); River Styx, Sea View, Los Angeles (2023); The Tale Their Terror Tells, Lyle & King, New York (2022); Recent Sculpture, Matthew Brown, Los Angeles (2022); Theorem X, Rachel Uffner Gallery, New York (2021); I WANT TO FEEL ALIVE AGAIN, Lyles & King, New York (2020); It Seems So Long Ago, Matthew Brown, Los Angeles (2020); Ecce Puer, PACT, Paris (2020); Horology, Jack Hanley, New York (2019); A Detached Hand, Magenta Plains, New York (2019); Housewarming, Nicelle Beauchene, New York (2018); The Pain of Others, François Ghebaly, Los Angeles (2018); NVV_2018, Museum of Modern Art, Dubrovnik, Croatia (2018); Pine Barrens, Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York (2018); Dinner that night, Bureau, New York (2018); A Scream Runs Through the House, Helena Anrather, New York (2017); By The Shade That Wanders, SIGNAL, New York (2015); The Lateness of the Hour, Evening Hours, New York (2015); and Me and Everyone that is With Me, Recess, New York (2012).